Kansas Federation of Houndsmen
Spring Meeting

April 6th 2019

The meeting was called to order by President Bruce Anderson at 2:00 PM with 25 members present.

Roll call of Board Members was made with Todd Lux being the only Board member absent.

Minutes from our October 2018 meeting were given out to members and approved.

Treasures Report was given by Terry Porter and approved.

State Reporters report was given by Terry Porter and in this report, he also discussed the Tree Walker Youth Extravaganza.

Social Media Report was given by Jana Anderson

Pratt Negotiation Report was given by Kin Hickman

Under Old Business:

Tom Anderson reported on the monthly points race which has slowed down due to the weather but should pick up as time goes on and we feel it is important to the organization.

A Hunt Directors report was given by Tom Anderson.

Under New Business:

The DJ Bales Memorial was reported by Terry Porter in that we now have $1015.00 to use as we choose from this memorial that has been tagged for the Youth Hunt.

After about a one hour and fifteen-minute vigorous discussion, the out come was the following: The Federation would advertise on Social Media that we will conduct an essay contest with the topic of “What has hunting the dogs (hounds) meant to me”. Possibly also “How has hunting with dogs (hounds) changed my life”. With the winner of this contest winning a $500.00 scholarship. This contest will be open to 2019 graduating seniors who will be attending some type of post high school education. The essays will be turned into Terry Porter or a Board Member by April 30th to be reviewed by all Board members and a winner picked. The $500 will be given out by the Federation at either the winners HS graduation or awards night. This scholarship will be given away annually if our money allows us to do so.

PS: I talked with Shelly Noll the aunt of DJ Bales making sure the this was fine with the family and she was VERY pleased with our decision, she wishes to be present at the awards event. Also, Norm Douglas put a memorial on our web-site along with a picture of DJ.

Due to the length of the above discussion the Sportsmanship Amendment to the By-again Laws was tabled until the October meeting.

This Year’s Youth Hunt will be held again at Valley Falls and hosted by NE Kansas Coon Hunters, on October 12th, 2019. A $2000 budget was approved for this event, this is $500 lower than it has been in the past, but this allows room for the BJ Bales Scholarship to continue into the distance future.

Brain Gerhardit was approved to replace Jerald Parker who’s Board position was open. We welcome a new face and ideas to the Kansas Federation.

Additional items to be considered:

Tom Anderson proposed that we do a $30 warm-up slam hunt the night before the State hunt and show in 2020. It was approved.

Jerald Parker proposed that we start a “Lifetime Achievement Award” to be given out each year. One at the youth hunt in October and one at hunt and show in April. This was approved with a committee of Cassey Kirkham, Skyler Mick and Jearld Parker deciding who these people will be.

It was approved to send $50 to the fund for Terry Baker was is being treated for cancer.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:25 PM.

On Monday after the hunt and show I deposited $3,054 bring our balance to $13,141.25.

We had 5 hounds show on Friday night and 7 on Saturday night. 18 hunted Friday night and 6 on Saturday night. If these number continue, we need to decide what we need to do to meet this decline in numbers. Was this just a one-year deal or will this continue. I’m sure this will be discussed at the October meeting.

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