Kansas Federation of Houndsmen
Fall Meeting

October 13th 2018

Meeting was called to order by President Bruce Anderson at 2:00 PM.

Roll Call was announced, and all officers and board members were present except for Todd Luxx. A total of 13 members were present.

Minutes were read and approved.

Treasures Report was given and approved. The amount in our treasury at the time of this meeting was $11649.38 with all bills paid. With the hunt and show registration and the raffle for the .22 rifle we raised an additional $750.00 of which part of that money will be used for the jacket for Ed Budy and his high points hound Ride.

State Reporter report was given by Terry Porter and approved.

Social Media Report was given by Jana Anderson with some discussion following. Report was approved.

A Pratt Negotiations Report was by Kin Hickman and approved.

Old Business:

A report was given by Tom Anderson on the monthly points race with a total of $1367.20 being raised for the 2018 youth hunt and show. Ed Budy and his hound Rider won the 2018 points race.

A hunt directors report for the 2018 youth event was given by Tom Anderson and Terry Porter.

New Business:

Report of the Federations Winter Classic was given by Tom Anderson dates were November 30, and December 1. At the time of this meeting we had 12 participants paid 40-48 are needed to make this event happen.

The State hunt and show will be held in Valley Falls again for 2019 on April 5th and 6th. Thanks goes out the Skyler Mick and NE Kansas Coon hunters. The same format will be used for this hunt as was done in 2018, with the addition of a 90-minute final four.

A report of the Treeing Walker Youth Extravaganza was discussed. This proposal will be given to the Walker Association by Terry Porter on December 1st during a tele-conference. The date proposed will be March 23rd, 2019. Valley Falls and NE Kansas with be the host of this event with the Kansas Federation being in charge. The Treeing Walker Association will be reasonable for all prizes etc. All officers and board of directors will be contacted if this event is given to us, as we will need all the help we can get. This will be a National Event.

A general discussions on several items followed, the meeting was adjourned by President Bruce Anderson at 3:20 PM. Again, this year this meeting was very positive with lots of good discussion.

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Kansas Federation of Houndsmen
Spring Meeting

April 7th 2018

Meeting was called to order by President Bruce Anderson at 2:00 PM

All Board Members were present except Todd Lux, Justin Newell and Tyler Porter

A Total of 17 members present.

Minutes of October meeting were approved.

Treasures Report was approved. All Bills paid and up to date leaving a balance of $11,897.43.

**(On Monday April 9th 2018 I deposited $5049.50 bring our balance to $16,946.00 at this time.)**

State Reporters Report was given and approved.

Social Media Report was given and approved.

Monthly points race was given by Tom Anderson and it was tabled to see if we want to continue it or not. To be voted on at the October meeting.

Hunt Directors report was given by Tom Anderson and Terry Porter and approved.

Twice a year raffle report was given and even though this raffle was going to make money it will be discontinued. Approved

2018 Youth hunt will held at Valley Falls with NE Kansas supporting on Saturday October 13th.

It was approved to have all youth either have parents or themselves be members of the Kansas Federation at the rate of $20 each.

2019 Hunt and Show will be held again at Valley Falls with NE Kansas supporting on April 5th and 6th.

It was approved to return the Purina Reps fees and make him a Life Time Member.

Bruce Anderson discussed the March 22, 2018 Kansas Wildlife meeting.

Officers were approved:

President: Bruce Anderson

Vice President: Tom Anderson

Secretary Treasurer: Terry L. Porter

State Reporter: Terry L. Porter

Social Media: Jana Anderson

Board Members: Todd Luxx, Jerald Parker, and Skyler Mick

Pratt Negotiator: Kin Hickman with Bruce Anderson Helping and an invitation was issued to anyone else that wants to help can.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:20 PM.

This was a very good meeting with lots positive interaction.
Later in the day several out of state hunters told various members that this was one of the best hunts that they had been involved with. This was due to the prize package that we give plus the positive atmosphere that we create and the good hunting that we have. We are doing good job members lets keep it up. Thanks for all of your help and involvement.

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