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Kansas Houndsmen of the Year
2nd Hunt

Mid Kansas Coon Hunters will host a hunter of the year hunt on Saturday February 11th during their first hunt of the evening.
Arlington, Kansas 67514
Contact Paul Nichols 316-772-0600

2022 Youth Hunt and Show Winners
~ ~ ~
Grand Show Champion Male
Magic Luke
~ ~ ~
Grand Show Champion Female
Little Ann
~ ~ ~
Shown By
Libby Lancaster of Nebraska
Libby Lancaster won the Showmanship Award
~ ~ ~
Hunt Results
1st Place
Kyla Bletcher of Falls City Nebraska with a hound named Striker
~ ~ ~
2nd Place
Bently Southerland of Oberland Kansas, with a hound named Big Chief ~ Bently also won the Sportsmanship Award
~ ~ ~
3rd Place
Karlee Porter of Nortonville, Kansas with a hound named Sammy
~ ~ ~
4th Place
Pader Askern of Whiting, Kansas with a hound named Peanut

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