Kansas Federation of Houndsmen Meeting

August 6th 2021

Held at the White Cloud Club in White Cloud, Kansas

Meeting was called to order by President Cassey Kirkham at 5:30 PM at the cook shack area of the White Cloud coyote hunting club.

Approximately 50 + people present.

Roll call was done with Tom Anderson and Gearld Parker being absent.

All reports were given except social media and all were approved.

Update of the Banquet was given by Brian Gerhardit

Terry L. Porter gave a report of the DJ Bales Scholarship

Porter also reported on the State Youth hunt to be held at Valley Falls on October 16th.

Kin Hickman’s Pratt Negotiator’s report was given last to given him a little more time.

Good discussions were held during this time to point that we sold 20 new memberships after the meeting. Hunters wanted to be involved to support our causes of being able to freely release and retrieve our hounds at will. We even had two hunters from Minnesota join because they believed in what we are doing and wanted to help support our cause.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:15

A big thank you to the White Cloud Club for hosting this meeting and for the great food after the meeting as well.

On Saturday August 7th I deposited $1000.00 in our account which included a $500.00 deposit for a table for our banquet, $400.00 in memberships and $100.00 of startup money. The total in our account at this point is $12,027.62.

Kansas Federation of Houndsmen
Spring Meeting

April 9th 2021

Held at the Jefferson County Fair Grounds in Valley Falls, Kansas

Meeting was called to order by President Cassey Kirkham at 2:01 PM

Roll call was done with all board members present. 34 members were also present.

Treasures Report was given and approved. With approximately $8,330.00 in our account with all bills paid.

State Reporters report was given, no approval needed.

Social Media Report was given, no approval needed.

Old Business:

Banquet report was given by Brian Gerhardit and it is a go. Banquet will be held at Osage City Fair Grounds on October 30th, 2021.

Changing times and place of meetings. Cassey Kirkham. By our Constitution our annual meeting must be held at our spring hunt and show in April. It was decided that our fall meeting will be at the coyote hunt in White Cloud following their bench show. This event will be in August.

There was no need to contact our lawyer on changes to our Constitution, only sending them updates is necessary.

New Business:

Report on hunt was given by Terry Porter and approved.

D.J. Bales Scholarship: There are now 4 essays ready to be read and picked.

The Youth Hunt will be held at Valley Falls again on October 16th, 2021

It was approved to give the Coyote Trials $250 to help this event.

Possible new format for April Hunt was tabled, however the hunt committee will be in charge of making hunt dates etc.

Kin Hickman gave a report on Pratt Negotiations. You can read most of this on our website as Kin has an article there. Kin has worked hard on this and wants people to sign their names to petitions he is drawing up.

This was a great meeting with a variety of information and discussion being done. We also had more people at this meeting than we have had in a long time.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:20

On Monday April 12th I deposited $4,382.00 bring our current balance to $12,694.00

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