Kansas Federation of Houndsmen
Spring Meeting

July 19th 2020
(Rescheduled from April 11th, 2020)
Held at the Osage City Community Center in Osage City, Kansas

The meeting was called to order by President Bruce Anderson at 2:00pm with 24 members present.

Roll call was done and all broad members were present except Too Lux.

Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

Treasures report was given and with all bills paid we have a balance of $9133.24 This was approved.

State Reporters report was given by Terry Porter, no approval needed.

There was no Social Media report given.
Kin Hickman gave a Pratt Negotiators report no approval needed. Biggest issue in his report was the consideration by the wildlife department of allowing coyote hunters to use night vison and such to shoot at the same time as coon hunters are out. More information to come on this issue later. Check our website for more from Ken on this issue.

Due to several members having to leave early election of officers was held next with the following being the results.
President: Cassey Kirkham
Vice President: Brain Gerhardit
Secretary/Treasurer: Terry L. Porter
State Reporter: Terry L. Porter
Social Media: Tom Anderson

Board Members:
Skyler Mick 2021
David Patterson 2022
Jerald Parker 2023

Pratt Negotiator: Kin Hickman with Bruce Anderson helping with an open invitation to any member who wants to take part.

It was decided that NE Kansas Coon Hunters would be the hunt directors of the upcoming hunts.

Our scholarship winner was Wyatt Reyer of Cottonwood Falls, KS his $500.00 will be awarded later.

It was decided that the money needed to do the youth hunt would now be $500- $750 , this will match the figures for the adult hunt. The youth hunt and show will be held at the Jefferson Co. Fair Grounds in Valley Falls, Ks on Saturday October 17th 2020.

A round of applause was given to the outgoing President Bruce Anderson as Bruce took the job when no-one else wanted it and he revised our current Constitution.

There were no additional items to be considered and the meeting was adjourned at 3:02.

Our next election of officers will be in April of 2022.

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