Kansas Federation of Houndsmen
Fall Meeting

August 5th 2022

Held at the White Cloud Coyote Grounds in White Cloud, Kansas

Meeting was called to order by Casey Kirkham at 5:34

43 people in attendance

Roll Call was done with Terry Porter, Jerold Parker and Skyler Mick being absent.

All reports were given and all were approved . As of July 7th there was $23,017.89 in the treasury with no bill out for the banquet.

Brian Gerhardit gave a report of the up coming banquet.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:57

Kansas Federation of Houndsmen
Spring Meeting

April 16th 2022

Held at the Jefferson County Fair Grounds in Valley Falls, Kansas

Meeting was called to order at 2:03 PM By President Cassey Kirkham

With 23 members and all Board Members were present.

Minutes were passed out and approved.

Treasures Report was given and approved.

All other reports were given with no approval needed.

Old Business:

2021 Banquet Update was given by Brian Gerhardt

2012 Youth Hunt Results was given by Terry L. Porter

DJ Bales Scholarship was given by Terry L. Porter

New Business:

Fall Meeting will be held at the White Cloud grounds at 5:30 in the cook shack area on August 5th.

It was voted on and approved to have another banquet with a budget of $12,000.

Date and location to be set by the Banquet Committee. Consisting of: Brian Gerhardt (Chairman), Cody Clark, Jerald Parker, David Peterson, Skyler Mick, and Joey New

Youth Hunt and Spring Hunt 2023 will be handled by the Hunt Committee consisting of: Skyler Mick, Kin Hickman, Joey New and Cassey Kirkham.

Elections of officers was held and the 2022-2024 officers are:

Cassey Kirkham --President
Brian Gerhardt --Vice President
Terry L. Porter-Secretary/Treasurer and State Reporter
Kin Hickham—Pratt Negotiator
Joey New--Social Media

Board Members are Skyler Mick, David Peterson, Jerald Parker

Next Election will be 2024

Meeting was adjourned

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