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June 2021 Article

By Terry L. Porter - State Report

I have a lot of news to report this month so let’s get to it. Our State hunt and Show was a success we had over 20 hounds in the show and over 30 hounds in the hunt. We had 34 members at our state meeting, which is the most attendance in years, minutes of the meeting can be found on our website. We were very pleased.

The State Show was won by Dale Hurlock with and Walker Male named Banjo, the State Hunt was won by Adam Keller with his hound Belle. Final four in the hunt was Skyler Mick and Rock, Cody Noll and Lilly, Lenny Grosdider and Bonnie and Adam Keller and Belle. Cody Noll and Lilly won the slam hunt on Thursday night.

The big news for this month is that Skyler Mick and Rock made it to the final four of the UKC’s Tournament of champions and placed 3rd overall and a $20,000 payday!!

The Federation is pleased to announce that the Coyote Hunting club from the White Cloud, Ks area are merging with the Federation to help make us stronger in both numbers and support. We will be hosting our fall meeting at the annual coyote hunt and show in August, date and time to be determined later. Both the coyote hunters and the coon hunters feel this is a very good move for all. We are also hosting the first annual Federation Banquet and the fair ground in Osage City on October 30, make plans now to attend the event for fun, and fellowship.

Our scholarship winner was Rayna Jasper from Anderson County High Scholl, we are very pleased for her. As you can tell, things are moving for the KFH, things are very positive and I for one am very optimistic for our future.

We need to keep Jim Freeman of Nebraska in our thoughts and prayers as he has had major brain surgery and really needs our support. As you all know he runs the Diller Club in Diller Nebraska.

Until next month, keep your powder dry your eyes in the top of the trees and may your hounds be fleet and have the meat.

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Monthly Articles - Kansas Federation of Houndsmen - Monthly Articles

May 2021 Article

By Terry L. Porter - State Report

Last month I talked about being happy with my life. I still feel the same as comments that I made about my life. However, life has thrown me a curve ball that came out of nowhere. I took my young hound hunting three weeks ago and things went along great, he hunted fine we didn’t get anything treed but I was pleased with his performance. When I got back home, I had what seemed like a cramp behind my right knee. When I got up the next morning I could hardly walk, my knee was stiff and very sore. It was some better the next morning and by Monday I could move around with just a little pain.

I have played athletics since I was in the third grade and been active all of my life. I have had numerous ankle injuries and lots of back problems over the years but never any type of trouble with my knees. I had a Doctor’s appointment planned Monday anyway, so I told him about my knee and it didn’t take him very long to diagnoses my knee problem as arthritis, 72 years finally caught up with me. I was given a cortisone shot and sent on my way. The shot helped but when the weather changes, my knee lets me know. This problem came out the blue with no announcement that it was coming. I was fine at the beginning of my hunt and lame afterwards.

I have not hunted since due to the pain, I had to retire from my Holton Livestock job because it requires me to run once in a while and that’s not happening. I can work for about 2-4 hours and that’s about all. If and when I start back hunting unless something changes, I will be doing it on a limited basis. You don’t realize how many steps you take until everyone hurts! I’m sure a knee replacement is down the road but we will have to see.

If any of you have any suggestions feel free to call or contact me. I am willing to try just about anything. I don’t deal with pain very well.

The 2021 State Hunt and Meeting will be posted on our website as it has not happened at the time of this writing.

Keep hunting and enjoying it because you never know when it’s going to end. Until next month, keep your powder dry your eyes in the top of the trees and may your hounds be fleet and have the meat.

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Monthly Articles - Kansas Federation of Houndsmen - Monthly Articles

April 2021 Article

By Terry L. Porter - State Report

Hope you all have made plans to attend our State Hunt and Show, which will be held on April 8th, 9th and 10th at the Jefferson County Fair Ground in Valley Falls, Ks. April 8th will be a slam hunt only You can see our ad and more information on our website kansasfederationofhounsmen.com.

When were you the happiest? Happiest about what? These are two line from two different characters in the CBS mini-series Lonesome Dove, that air back in the 90’s but is still hailed as one of the best westerns ever made. My two son’s and I and many of their friends can quote lines from the series and the book as well. This will happen when you have watched and read it as much as we have. During the cold snap that we had in this area my granddaughter’s school was canceled for several days and one evening her and her dad watched the entire series from start to finish. When I asked her about it the two questions came up.

After a brief discussion on the subject, my son asked me when were you the happiest? My reply surprised him, as I told him my happiest was right now.

I had a very happy and successful 40 career as a teacher, ad and coach. I’m sure he felt that one of those years would have been my favorite and I truly loved coaching my sons and their friends. I also enjoyed the other schools and their students that I taught and coached. In all, I taught and coached at seven different schools in two different states. It was a great time, ups and downs filled with way more ups than downs. But to quote a line from Lonesome Dove, “yesterday’s gone and you can’t get it back”. I regret very little in my career, oh yes there were things I would have liked to change but overall, it was great.

Back to the question as to why I’m the happiest now, and the answer is very simple. My wife is retired also and we can do whatever we want whenever we want. Every day is a Saturday except for Tuesdays when I work as a cow poke for Holton Livestock at their weekly cattle sale. Every other day is ours to do with as we please. We both have a variety of projects going, which keeps us both busy. Our health is OK, we could both be better but that’s the cards we have been delt. We have a very good retirement income that we have adjusted to and we have money enough to do all that we want. We have little to no pressure on us which is great because earlier in our lives there was “never enough month at the end of the money”. Besides the stress of every day teaching and coaching, the stress of finance made life more difficult than it needed to be. All of that is gone now and we are stronger and better for it.

I have been happy in every part of my life throughout my life but without question I’m the happiest right now. Very little to no stress with each day being ours to use as we please and being healthy enough and financially able to enjoy it all. Who could ask for anything more? Maybe a win or two at the state hunt???

Hope to see your there, until next month keep your powder dry your eyes in the top of the trees and may your hounds be fleet and have the meat.

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Monthly Articles - Kansas Federation of Houndsmen - Monthly Articles

March 2021 Article

By Terry L. Porter - State Report

The older I get with each passing day, months and years, the less I feel that I know. With all that is happening in our world, with COVID-19 and its variants, political difference and unrest, I would just like to go somewhere and find the truth. I still have faith that the truth is out there but how can we find it. You listen to one side and you hear one thing, then you listen to the other you hear something else. If the truth does exist it must be somewhere in the middle. I think that is called compromise, which is something we seem to have a really hard time doing in this time in our history. The more news I listen to the more confused I become, to the point I don’t want to even listen to the news anymore, which isn’t good either.

Then I get to feeling that as long as “things” do not affect my little part of the world, why do I even care. That attitude is horrible, I know but I get to a point in our world today you just want to throw up your hands and say what the hell. Then I think about the statement that “good people” cannot stand back and do nothing while bad things happen. What to do is very unclear for us as individuals but I truly feel the truth is out there somewhere.

What does all of this have to do with the Kansas Federation? You the members of the KFH (Kansas Federation of Houndsmen) have elected officers to represent you. I want to ensure all members that these officers are doing all that is possible to improve the sport that we love. If you have questions call them, if they do not know the answer, they will do their best to find the truth for you. We are in consent touch with the Wildlife and Parks to stay on top of the current changes that may affect us the hound hunters.

The State Hunt and show is coming April 8th, 9th and 10th in Valley Falls Kansas. Our State meeting will be held at 2:00 PM on the 10th. Make plans to attend and let your voice be heard, the Kansas Federation exists for you and that is the truth.

Until next month, keep your powder dry, your eyes in the top of the trees and may your hounds be fleet and have the meat.

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Monthly Articles - Kansas Federation of Houndsmen - Monthly Articles

February 2021 Article

By Terry L. Porter - State Report

As I set in our study and write this article, I cannot help but think back over this past year and reflect on what was, what could be and what might be. The fact that we live in uncertain times is an understatement to say the least. Both my wife and I have been tested for COVID-19 and were lucky enough to have our tests come back negative. Many have not been so lucky. My heart and prayers go out to them. We all hope and pray that better times are ahead.

Well, Sammy and I didn’t make the cut for the Tournament of Champions. We were one win short, we hunted five different times to get the final win but couldn’t get it done. One night she treed three den trees. It just wasn’t meant to be, so this leaves us open for something else to happen.

I’m going to reach out a little this month and do something totally different. I did not pick a coon hunter of the year for 2020 basically because I forgot until the article was sent. Since that time, I have decided on an individual but he is not from Kansas. This individual is Gary Wentz from Rullo, Nebraska. I have known Gary for several years now, having met him at hunts and we always have seemed to hit it off. Gary is the epitome of “you don’t judge a book by its cover”. As I heard one man say, “when you meet Gary Wentz and go to his place you go back in time”. He lives by himself except for numerous hounds that he takes care of, he does not have a television or any type of computers, he does his laundry in a wringer washer, heats totally with wood heat. He is most definitely a throwback to an earlier time.

He loves his family and is very proud of his roots and where he comes from. When I first went to his place several years ago, I was impressed that even though his hounds were mostly tethered, their water blows were filled with clean water and there was not a dropping in sight, the sign of a Houndsmen who takes care of his hounds. He is a hard hunter and when weather is right will hunt all night almost every night. His breed of choice is English and he knows the breed and breeders inside and out.

Gary is all for the youth of this sport, if a young person comes to his place looking for a good hound, if the youth show promise and sincerity he very well may give away a hound that other people could not buy. That is just the make-up of Gary Wentz.

I have hunted with Gary and beat his hounds and have been beaten by them also. He hates water, and if you have hunted around his place which is in the Missouri river bluffs, you would understand why. Lots and lots of hill, which doesn’t bother him at all but it kills me.

I have been involved in competition hunting now for over 10 years and have met people from all over the United States. Some I never want to be around again but Gary is not one of them. He is sincere and honest and a man of his word. About two years ago I was having some serious heart problems and really didn’t feel I was going to make it; I told my wife that night with tears running down my face where I want all of our dogs to go and I told her that I wanted Sammy to go to Gary because I felt her life would be better off with him than anyone else. Sammy is my most prized position and Gary was shocked and honored when I told him this.

Gary is a unique individual but he is an individual that makes this sport better for us all. I am proud to call him my friend!

The Kansas State Hunt and Show will be April, 8th, 9th and 10th this coming year at the Jefferson Co Fair grounds in Valley Falls, KS. Start making plans now to attend.

Until next month, keep your powder dry, your eyes in the tops of the trees and may your hounds be fleet and have the meat.

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Monthly Articles - Kansas Federation of Houndsmen - Monthly Articles

January 2021 Article

By Terry L. Porter - State Report

With the coming of 2021 most of us are wondering what might or what could happen. We are praying that things are better for us all than 2020 turned out to be. That the world will go back to some kind of “normal” whatever that is. We were told once that” Hope Faith and Love” are good things that we possess and the greatest of these is love.

I hope for us all that 2021 will be the best that it can be. I have faith in us all that we will all do the right things and are lives will improve. For the love of each other and ourselves we need to do all we can to improve our lives and our health in as many ways as is possible. 2021 is ours for the taking let’s get it done.

As I write this article on the next to last day of November, I still need one more win on my hound to be qualified for the Tournament of Champions. I have four hunts left in my area to get this done and my feeling is, if we can’t win one hunt out of these four, we don’t belong in the tournament. I have faith in my hound that she will do her part, I just hope that I can do mine. The latter has been my hound’s problem all of her life with me. As I make many more mistakes than she does. I’m not sure that dogs love their Masters but there is sure a bond between Sammy and me and it is a special relationship for us both. I can be in the clubhouse getting final arrangements made and when I come out, there she is on up of the dog box with her ears up looking around to find me and when she does, her tails start wagging. The relationship that Sammy and I have make everything else in this sport seem rather small. I enjoy competition hunting very much and having a hound like Sammy makes it even more enjoyable.

I’m a blessed man for a variety of reasons but being involved in this sport is a blessing for me. Besides the hunting itself, meeting and becoming friends with different people in Kansas and all over the Midwest makes this sport so very special. I am terrible with names but I do remember faces, many people will speak to me and call me by name and I feel bad because I can’t call out their names. It bothers me more than them I sure but it’s just the way it is. I really do enjoy talking to you all so don’t stop talking to me, we can make it work.

Let’s all pull together and for the love of our hounds, our sport and each other let’s do our part to make 2021 the best year that we can. If we can do this, we will all be winners. Until next month, keep your powder dry, your eyes in the top of the trees and may your hounds be fleet and have the meat.

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