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September 2022 Article

By Terry L. Porter - State Report

Many things are going to happen in the next few months so make sure you mark these dates on your calendar. October 15th is our annual youth hunt and show which will be held a Valley Falls, KS at the Jefferson Co Fair Grounds. October 29th is our 2nd annual KFH Banquet which will be held at the Blue Building in Effingham, KS, doors open between 5-5:30. More information can be found on our website.

The KFH Banquet is a very fun thing to attend, various game, various auctions, great food, and fellowship with other like-minded hunters. With the main objective being to raise money for the Federation. Why raise money—what will it be used for? We have many irons in the fire to help fellow hunters. We give a $500 scholarship each spring to a graduating Sr. we have done this for the past 4 years, we have a member or members at every Wildlife meeting that are held around the state, we are working hard in every legal aspect of hunting a hound, so that it will always be a positive experience to turn your hound loose. If fellow hunters need legal help, we will always be there for them if it is all possible. All of these areas require money and at no time will this money be used just to have fun. Make plans to attend the Banquet if you do nothing but eat the meal and visit it is worth your time.

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for this heat wave to past besides the heat I am now getting over Covid. I tell you, if it’s not one thing it’s something else. I really believe that I have had this before and it took me a long time to get over it. This stuff is serious and you better take it that way or it will put you under, plus regardless of your age it takes a while to rebound. I am looking forward to the time again when I feel like going hunting again. All of my goals that I talk about are on hold until I feel strong enough to get back at it.

Our hunt and banquet committees have worked and are working hard to make a quality experience for you and yours so make plans to attend.

Until then, keep your powder dry, your eyes in the top of the trees, and may your hounds be fleet and have the meat.

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August 2022 Article

By Terry L. Porter - State Report

Every August I dedicate this article to Preston Luft of LeGrande, Iowa who lost his life on a Friday night hunt, in the Tall Corn Classic. It was a very hot night and the cast split up at the end to go and retrieve their hounds. Everyone thought the Preston had already gotten a ride, when really, he was still looking for his hound. His body was not discovered until late the next evening. It appeared that he was running after his hound and ran into the side of a tree and crushed his skull. There is a plaque on that tree along the Iowa river today, you may run into it if you happen to hunt in that area.

The main point that I want to remind everyone about this tragedy is, we as hunters have to make sure that all cast members are accounted for. Leave no hunter behind. No hunt is worth losing the life of a hunter.

The Federations Banquet is set for the last Saturday of October at Blue Building in Effingham, KS. Doors open at 5 PM. Make plans to attend this event it is a great evening of food, and friends. If you wish to donate something or purchase a table, contact the people on the Baquet Committee. They can be found on our website in the May article.

Look for our minutes of the Fall meeting next month as they will be printed on the website. This meeting will be held on Saturday August 5th in the cook shack area of the Whiting grounds.

Hope all is well with you and yours, stay safe. Until next month keep your powder dry, your eyes in the top of the trees and may your hound be fleet and have the meat.

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Monthly Articles - Kansas Federation of Houndsmen - Monthly Articles

July 2022 Article

By Terry L. Porter - State Report

I hope this summer is finding you well. Things here is northeast Kansas have been pretty wet in May and June. The rain is very welcome as it was getting dry however, I hope that the rain valve doesn’t get shut off with July just around the corner.

Kansas will host two RQE’s one will be in Valley Falls the first weekend of July and one in Osage City the last weekend of August. Make plans to attend these events, both clubs do a very good job of running these hunts off, with good places to hunt and good judges. Check the UKC site for more details. The next Federation meeting will be August 5th at 5:30 outside the cook shack at the Whiting coyote grounds. The coyote hunt will be August 5th and 6th, it’s worth watching.

The banquet committee is working on getting this year’s banquet ready. I believe it will be the last Saturday of October, in Effingham, KS, more details will follow in the coming months.

I’m very pleased to report that my young English hound won his first hunt in Falls City, Nebraska this past May. It was only his second hunt in competition and I have said many times that I do not consider myself a good handler, however I felt on this night I did one of my better jobs. We had a good cast of guys that helped find each other’s coons and we all got along well.

Tom Ginther and I are in the process of putting together a new event for the Federation that will start in 2023. Each club in Kansas will host one hunt that will have points that will go towards the Kansas Coon Hunter of the year. I believe that I have contacted all of the clubs in Kansas and most are interested in doing this. Once we finalize everything it will all be posted on our website. This event will not take the place of Spring and Fall hunts it will just be an additional event for us with the winner being announced at the spring meeting in 2024. This is an attempt to get all of clubs involved with the Federation. If you have question’s please feel free to call me.

Stay safe over the 4th and until next month, keep your powder dry, your eyes in the top of the trees and may your hounds be fleet and have the meet.

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Monthly Articles - Kansas Federation of Houndsmen - Monthly Articles

June 2022 Article

By Terry L. Porter - State Report

The 2022 Hunt and show is history. We had a pretty good turnout for the way things are heading with competition coon hunting. We had 16 hounds on Thursday night for our warm up hunt. 19 hounds on Friday night, 12 hounds in the show and on Saturday we had 8 hounds in the show and 12 in the hunt. For a total of 67 hounds involved in this year’s Kansas competition.

Our annual meeting was conducted you can find the minutes of the meeting on our website. We had election of officers with all officers keeping their positions and Joey New replacing the open position of social media. Our next meeting will be August 5th at 5:30 at Whiting hunting grounds.

I have reported in several of my articles about the friend of mine who suffered a major stoke right before Christmas. I am delighted to inform everyone that though hard work on his part, a lot of positive support from family and friends and many prays, that he is now at his home and improving every day. He is the perfect example of believing in yourself. He can now talk some, put his clothes on with some help and get around but the main thing is he is out of the hospital. I am very proud of him and his efforts. He still has miles to go but knowing him, I am sure he will get as strong and mobile as is possible.

On Saturday before our meeting Lee Wilson of La Cygne, Ks came up to stay hi and right after that, ask me how my friend was doing? It took me a second to realize what he was referring to but when I realized that he was talking about my friend who I had written about, we had a very good conversation. Later in the day Lee came up and said to me, in reading some of your articles it sounds to me like you get depressed from time to time? I told him that things do get under my skin and bother me. He proceeded to tell me that when that happened and I get down, I need to go visit a nursing home and see and visit those people and my attitude will improve. You know what? He is totally correct!! Thanks, Lee, for helping me see the light.

I see things differently I guess, but I hold people and hunters to a very high degree of integrity. When hunters get caught cheating, stealing other people’s dogs’ and other unprofessional behavior, I believe they should be casts out of this sport forever. If we do not police our own ranks and hold each other to a high degree of integrity, the unprofessional sportsman will take over and this sport that I love so much will be over. Let me know how you feel about this.

Until next month, keep your powder dry, your eyes in the top of the trees and may you hound be fleet and have the meat.

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Monthly Articles - Kansas Federation of Houndsmen - Monthly Articles

May 2022 Article

By Terry L. Porter - State Report

Congratulations are in order to all of the Kansas Hunters who participated in the TOC this year. I know there were several but not knowing all who went I don’t want to leave anyone out. The only one that I am sure of that made it through to the top hounds for the TOC was Blaze Bauer from Girard, KS. If I have left someone off, I am very sorry. We wish you the best of luck.

At the writing of this article, I don’t have the information on our state hunt and show. Look on our website for that information if you are interested.

The Kansas Federation has been hard at work for Kansas Coon Hunters. We are trying to get the season on coon to be open all year. Wheels are in motion and we should be getting more information out on this very soon. With the over population of coons, we see no reason that this should not get accomplished. We are looking with great anticipation for the results of this from the commissioners.

We now have new officers for the federation, look on the website to see the results. If you have suggestion of any kind feel free to contact any one of us. Minutes of our April meeting may also be found on our website as well.

The Coyote state hunt and show will be held the first weekend of August in White Cloud KS. Check the website for this as well and make plans to attend. Seeing 175 or more hounds turned loose at one time is a very unique and fun experience with a great group of guys.

Until next month, keep your powder dry, your eyes in the top of the trees and may your hounds be fleet and have the meat.

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Monthly Articles - Kansas Federation of Houndsmen - Monthly Articles

April 2022 Article

By Terry L. Porter - State Report

Just another reminder, the Kansas State Hunt and show will be April 14, 15 and 16th at the Jefferson County Fair Grounds in Valley Falls, Ks. Deadline for the all hunts is 7:00 PM and shows is 5:00 PM. If the weather holds this should be a great time for all involved, make plans to attend.

My granddaughter gave me a plaque for my birthday and on it, it says: “The hunting partnership between man and dog developed thousands of years age and from it came a deep bond of affection”. I know every hound that I have hunted there has been a bond. Sammy, the hound that I hunt now, I know there is a bond for me to her and her to me. Regardless of how the hunt goes we have a friendship that is very close. It makes the experience that much more fun. When I go into the club house to get us signed up and I go back out she will be on the tailgate looking to see where I am and when our eyes meet her tail goes to wagging. I believe that is a bond of affection.

I wish all hunters could have the bond that I do with my hounds but many will not and never will due to being cruel. Oh, have had to discipline my hounds from time to time but it never has fallen under cruelty. Even my new hound Jr who is being hunted by a friend of mine, when I go over to visit him, it is very obvious to me that he knows who I am and that we also have a bond. If I couldn’t bond with my hound’s I’m not sure this sport would be worth it.

If you know of a youth who is going on to some type of post high school education make sure they get on our website and submit a paper for our scholarship.

Until next month, keep your powder dry, your eyes in the tops of the trees and may your hounds be fleet and have the meat.

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Monthly Articles - Kansas Federation of Houndsmen - Monthly Articles

March 2022 Article

By Terry L. Porter - State Report

As I stated last month the dates of the 2022 Kansas State Hunt and Show had to be moved to April 14, 15, and 16. The deadline for all shows are 5 PM and all hunts are 7 PM. The hunt on the 14th is a 60-minute Slam hunt with no show before. Entry fees are: shows $20 and hunts $30. Our annual meeting will be held at 2 PM on Saturday April 16th as well. The location for all of these events will be the Jefferson County Fair Grounds in Valley Falls Kansas.

I also talked about a friend of mine who suffered a 70% stroke and my difficulty of handling the whole situation. I am happy to report that he is improving and seems to be in very good spirts. He has a long road ahead of him but I am confident that with the support of family and friends he will improve even more. However, there was life before the stroke and life after the stroke and they will not be the same. I fail to see the overall purpose of this but I’m sure there is one, that’s just seems to be the way it is. Life is not fair and never has been, we just have to make adjustments and try to move forward.

If you know any seniors in high school make sure they apply for our scholarship. The deadline for that is in April. They can find all the information on our website or they can call me. We as the Federation are very proud of this project and want to keeping awarding this to a deserving student.

I hope you and yours are safe and healthy, try and makes plans to attend our shows and hunts this April. Until then, keep your powder dry, your eyes in the top of the trees and may your hunts be fleet and have the meat.

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February 2022 Article

By Terry L. Porter - State Report

I want to apologies for my negative attitude last month. The old age syndrome gets to me sometimes and that was the case last month for sure. I am going to approach life with a new and improved attitude from this point forward to the best of my ability. As long as we awake to a new day, we each have the ability to do with it as we please, if our health allows.

Two weeks ago, today (the time of this writing) a close friend and I were cutting wood, visiting, eating lunch together and having a great time, as two friend will do. There was way more visiting and joking around than there was wood cutting as it should be with two old friends. Two days later he suffered a 70% stroke! This came totally out of the blue, he was in great health, not over weight, he exercised regularly, went to his doctor regularly, took no medication and had no idea that this was coming. It came as a shock to us all!

I have had a very difficult time wrapping my head around all of this. It took all the strength that I had to go visit him at the KU Medical center because he didn’t need me to be crying or shedding tears in front of him. It was tough to see him laying in the hospital bed with a feeding tube in his nose, not being able to talk and having the right side of his body paralyzed. He did know who my wife and I were but I found it very difficult to carry on a one-sided conversation. Plus, he had just finished a therapy session and was very tired. We stayed about 15 minutes.

I cried all the way to my car because this seems so unfair and it is my worst nightmare. I don’t want to die any more than the next person and looking back over my life I have survived several near-death experiences and I have dealt with family and other friends’ death but I do not want to leave my family with the situation that my friend and his family are in now, that is the nightmare to me.

Bottom line here, life is not fair! How we deal with it is what is important, we have to play the hand that life deals us. That is exactly what my friend and his family are doing, making the best out of a horrible situation. He is now in a long-term rehabilitation center and looks a lot better. I have not had the opportunity go visit him due to having a cold but I plan to do exactly that. He and his family are in for a long ordeal, his life will never be the way that it was, there was life before the stroke and now life after the stroke and they will be totally different. However, the promise of life is still there and what he makes of it will be up to him. He is a strong person and will make the best of it, I’m sure. My job as his friend, is to be there for him with as much support as I can give during this journey and I and others plan to do exactly that.

The Kansas State hunt and show have been moved to different dates due to a scheduling problem at the Jefferson County Fair Grounds. The dates are April 14th ,15th and 16th. Times are not available now but will be posted next month. Start making plans now to attend.

I allowed another friend of mine to hunt my young English hound this winter. I tell everyone that he is going to “coon camp”. He is now treeing coon on his own and is making progress which was my hope. My plans for him are this, he is a beautiful confirmation hound, I plan on showing and hunting him at the Kansas Show and Hunt, we will see what happens after that. By letting my friend hunt, him, it allows me to continue to hunt my older Hound Sammy, it’s the best of both worlds.

I plan on getting myself in better shape and I have no plans to give up hunting now as I hinted in last month’s article as long as my health allows it. In fact, I hope to have both hounds at the State Hunt and Show, get them both qualified for the World Hunt and if time allows qualified for the 2023 TOC. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest and that is what I intend to do.

Until next month, keep your powder dry, your eyes in the top of the trees and may your hound be fleet and have the meat.

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January 2022 Article

By Terry L. Porter - State Report

It’s hard to believe that it is 2022 already but it is! Here’s hoping that you had a blessed Christmas and that your new year has started good for you.

I’m no longer the hunt coordinator for the state hunts. For 2022 that position goes to Ken Hickman and Skyler Mick. I will tell you next month the exact dates of our hunts and show, I’m sure they will be corresponding dates from last year, or you can reach them yourselves by going to our membership on the website. Their phone numbers are there. I’m sure they will post the dates and other information on face book and on our website as well. These two individuals will do an outstanding job.

At this point in time, I have no plans on hunts other than trying to get my young English hound going. I have reached a point that I am tired of trying to keep up with the young guys in competitions and feeling like I’m holding the cast up. When I do compete, I’m going to start with the one-hour double headers and move on from there. The big problem here in this area is that there is no club doing these that are close. One hour and a half is the closet hunt for me, so I have to pick carefully.

If I sound discouraged it is because I am. I’m getting older and slower and it seems like things are just passing me by. I do get enjoyment out of pleasure hunting but it just doesn’t match the competition hunts. We will see how things go this year and hopefully my attitude will improve.

Our banquet was a huge success and I’m sure we will do another one sometimes in 2022. I will keep you posted the best I can. We have had a great deal of positive support which is a very good thing.

Until next month keep your powder dry your eyes in the top of the trees and may your hounds be fleet and have the meat.

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