Pratt Negotiator Updates

Pratt Negotiator Updates

Hello to all the Houndsman of Kansas.

Just thought I’d update everyone on what’s going on with negotiations with wildlife and Parks.

Terry Porter and myself where invited to attend the newly formed furbearer committee meeting which was also attended by Kansas furharvesters Russell Volker, this was done by a zoom attendance.

We discussed opening the running season the last two weeks in February which the committee wasn’t in favor of Matt Peek stating that they want to give the animals and people a break, I have not got him to clarify that statement yet but I am still working on that one.

We also discussed the collar issue which has to do with landowners taking tracking collars and ID collars off our hounds, The committee’s opinion on that was that it is a county issue and not a wildlife and Parks issue, theft of private property. I have talked with chief law-enforcement in Pratt and that is his opinion as well, stating it is basically a county by county issue. Plainly Wildlife and Parks does not want this on their shoulders but we will keep pressing this as well.

We also discussed being able to kill Coons over our hounds in the off season which the committee was not in favor of however in recent email from Matt he stated that it was possible to hold an ADC permit and kill coons to our hounds but it has to be somewhere that the landowner approaches the permit holder about thinning out the coon population. He says with continued low fur prices furbearer management will likely change in the future.

We also talked about the use of lasers to take Coons over the hounds which the committee was receptive to and Matt stated that on approval from the agency and law enforcement that recommendations on regulations of this will be introduced in 2022.

We have had a few instances of landowners taking tracking collars and ID collars off our hands recently, The hound owners have gotten their collars back and their dogs back but in some distress in one case. Conservation officers have stated they may be able to cite a handler with trespassing for their dog being on property without permission. This is turning out to be another county by county issue however one county involved said it was a Wildlife and Parks issue. Hound owners should talk to their local law enforcement and or county attorney to see how their county stands on this.

Last but not least we talked about the right to retrieve which has been hashed over before, several years ago it was introduced to legislation and was passed but later repealed I believe in 2011. House Bill 2089 At that time was introduced stating that a handler could enter property without permission by as direct route possible for the sole purpose of retrieving their hound. At that time this was introduced stating that a handler could enter property without permission by the direct route possible for the sole purpose of retrieving their hound unless confronted by the landowner and told to leave. As I said this passed but was repealed. Iowa recently got a very similar law passed so there is hope that down the road we may get some cooperation with this.

All in all I think the meeting went well with the Furbearer committee and think we will continue to attend those as well as some commissioner meetings in the future. Matt Peak has worked with us in recent years changing the season to start at midnight instead of noon and change the requirement of the clubs blocking out properties on maps where they will be guiding night hunts, instead only requiring clubs to provide the counties they will be hunting in.

These are good changes to regulations that have been in place for long periods of time. We will be working with wildlife and Parks in the future and welcome any input from Houndsman across Kansas and encourage anyone to reach out to their state representatives and also the wildlife and Parks commissioners, The commissioners names and contact information can be found in the current hunting /furbearer regulations that is available anywhere you buy your license.

Hopefully everyone has had a good year so far.! Don’t forget The federations first annual banquet on October 30 at the fairgrounds in Osage City Kansas, it’s going to be a good time for all, to see the particulars check on the Kansas Federation of Houndsman website.

Happy and safe hunting!

Thanks, Kin Hickman - Pratt Negotiator

Pratt Negotiator Updates

Hello everyone, in light of the current situation with the COVID-19, our state hunt, show and meeting have been canceled which I’m sure you are all aware of. In order to keep everyone informed on what is going on with our sport in respect to regulations and proposed regulations I will be posting on the federation’s website.

A few weeks back Terry Porter and I went to Emporia and met with Matt Peek the Furbearer biologist for KDWPT, first of all terry explained our scholarship program to him and asked him if he or any other of his staff would be willing to judge the essays for the scholarship, he said that he would be glad to do it.

There are three things we talked to Matt about, number one was the purpose of the two weeks that are closed from February 15 to March 1, I asked that he would consider opening those two weeks up to open running season, secondly we discussed the practicality of harvesting Coons year around. Third is the use of lasers at night for the purpose of shooting Coons that are treed with dogs. Matt was receptive to all of these proposals but made no promises except that he would look into their merits. I feel very strongly that we may see that two weeks of closed season at the end of February go away soon and am optimistic that with some perseverance we may achieve the others as well down the road.

Matt has formed a furbearer committee and asked Terry and I to sit in on a meeting and we agreed, that meeting is forthcoming. There are some new regulations pending for the night hunting of coyotes using night vision equipment and spotlights, Matt says they are still working out the details. I think that this will be something we will have to be mindful of as we will be sharing the woods with them when we have been used to being the only ones out at night. There may be a season on these regulations but as Matt says they are still working out the details so we will have to wait and see. Just something to keep in mind.

As always everyone’s continued support is much appreciated and needed!

Feel free to contact me at or my cell is 785-640-2030 or
Norm Douglas on the federation website

I look forward to hearing from everyone, keep enjoying our sport and be safe.

Thanks, Kin Hickman - Pratt Negotiator